Why Over 100 MORE Prisons Want Kairos!

By   January 20, 2017

Kairos Mentor with Young Man

Over 100 prisons and correctional facilities want Kairos Prison Ministry to come in and minister to their population. Kairos Torch is one reason why.

You know that teens and young adults often make bad choices, leading to time in a juvenile correctional facility and the start of a life of crime.

God, working through Kairos volunteers, is able to turn their lives around with Kairos Torch, a program that shares the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ with incarcerated youth under the age of 25.

After an initial Kairos Torch Weekend, volunteer mentors work one-on-one for six months to help youth make improved life choices and acquire new God centered values, breaking the cycle of crime and giving youth a chance for a better life.

One Ministry, Three Programs

Kairos Torch is just one of the three programs offered by Kairos Prison Ministry that brings the light, love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ into the lives of prisoners and their families. Kairos Inside ministers to inmates, and Kairos Outside helps women impacted by incarceration.

Over 100 Prisons Want Kairos 

Kairos Prison Ministry has opportunities to spread God’s Word, through programs like Kairos Torch, to over 100 new prisons, correctional facilities, and communities. But we need the resources to begin these new ministries.

Won’t you please donate now and allow us to reach more men, women and youth in more places, so we can change more hearts and transform more lives?

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