The 3 Biggest Myths About Kairos Prison Ministry

By   March 11, 2016


1) “They just come for the cookies.” Many times, yes, it’s true. Chocolate chip cookies and great food are a huge draw for prisoners who rarely get that kind of treat!

But if that gets them to the Weekend, then we have a chance to change their lives through Christ. Who knew cookies were so powerful?

woman_bible2) “You’re just there to convert people.” Yes, prisoners are often lost in darkness, and we show them the light of Christ’s love and forgiveness – then ask them to forgive others, and most importantly, themselves. They have a new friend and new hope in Jesus Christ, if they choose to allow Him in.

We accept that for some prisoners, this may be just the start of a journey, and for other prisoners, the message may not take hold.

The ultimate goal of Kairos Inside is to build a Christian community inside the prison to pray and fellowship together on a weekly basis by nurturing each other in their faith walk and providing accountability. This is the heart of Kairos!

3) “Only the worst prisoners get to do Kairos.” With the prison Chaplain’s help, we do try to have the negative leaders of the prison participate. The heads of gangs. The ones other prisoners are afraid of. The ones creating trouble on the yard.

Why? Imagine the change that can take place in a prison when the worst leaders suddenly become changed, Christ-centered people! Their influence can spread throughout the prison and reduce the incidence of violence in the prison culture. We have seen this happen time and time again.

Find out more about Kairos Prison Ministry, and how you can get involved in bringing the love, hope and faith of Jesus Christ to those in the darkest of places.

clasped_handsIn 1996 I was assigned to be the Warden at the Marion Correctional Institution. It was a dark place, and Kairos brought the light of love and hope. Over the next ten years the miracles mounted, peace replaced violence, hope replaced despair, broken relationships were restored and incarcerated men lived their faith unapologetically. The culture of the prison changed dramatically.
— Christine M. Money, Former Warden, Marion Correctional Institution, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction


8 Comments on “The 3 Biggest Myths About Kairos Prison Ministry

  1. Rosa Rodriguez

    I want to thank Kairos and the ladies who came to H.C.I for the weeKend in 2013. I will be forever grateful for the love, Compassion that they show us and i still do every time they come and share the word of God with us. I am a free woman now but i know that i am better Christian because they show me how to open my soul and mind to the word and promises of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Our God will never FORSAKE US. Thank You and GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS…

    1. Kairos Prison Ministry Post author

      Bless you too, Rosa. God will never forsake you.

  2. Debbie

    I went to a Kairos weekend on the inside in 2007. I found more love more compassion more friendship in that room that weekend than I had seen in one place in a long time. I to tis day 9 years later still friends with some of those women who came that weekend.

    1. Kairos Prison Ministry Post author

      Debbie — Thank you for letting us know how much your Kairos Inside Weekend meant to you, and how close you became to other ladies who attended. God is so good!

  3. Deborah Adams

    Kairos was a supportive group of women who loved me unconditionally. I had never had that before. Because of these women I have change my life and now able to be a productive member of society. Thank ladies.

    1. Kairos Prison Ministry Post author

      Deborah — we are so glad to hear that Kairos changed your life. God can work miracles if we let Him into our hearts.

  4. Barbara Seibert

    Being part of a Kairos team was wonderful. I feel blessed to have been able to do so. Unfortunately, we have since moved which makes joining another team impossible. The team members have an indescribably blessed experience.

    1. Kairos Prison Ministry Post author

      Thank you, Barbara, for volunteering while you could. We’re glad you felt so blessed, and know the ladies who attended your weekends were equally blessed for having you there.

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