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  1. Mary

    Please pray for my son, Ontarious who is incarcerated that he will be granted parole so that he can return to his daughter and the rest of his family.

    1. John

      Oh LORD hear our complaints pay attention to our pray. We love you so much and we have no other place to go except to the Throne of Grace on behalf of Mary and Ontarious Oh LORD Jesus see through the sin of our flesh and forgive us for not praying as we should Our Father let your will be done in release Ontarious on parole and relief Mary and the her family from the pain of missing him we believe You can and will Amen

    2. Judy

      Please pray for my son Roy. He is in jail waiting to go to trial. He is ready to change his life. He wants to go to rehab and get clean.

    3. Philip and Brandi

      Please thank the Lord for my Husbands release! and for his unprecedented favor with this Petition going to the Judge!! Amen!

    4. Bucky

      Praying for you now I was facing 30 years in prison for a crime I didn’t commit I was a leader of a gang and in solitary confinement Jesus save me a year later I want my case and came home by the grace of God prayers were answered

    5. Constance Gillingham

      I need a second:.

      Father God, in Jesus name, open all concerned with Varner Unit Prison, Grady, Ar, eyes of understanding, remove them from the kingdom of darkness and embrace them into your marvelous Kingdom of Light, empower them to live quiet, humane lives while awaiting their sentence completion and new accommodation elsewhere. Teach them your ways, to sing to you in the darkness and praise your name, knowing you are their redemption from eternal prison. Amen and amen. And ALL God’s people said – amen

    6. Thomas Lewis

      Jesus Our Mighty Saviour Please Grant Ontarious this Opportunity for You Lord that He maybe be united with his daughter and family and You Lord Jesus Amen 🙏🙏🙏

    7. Alexa

      God Bless You Mary,
      We pray with Jesus for Ontarious beautiful free loving life with his family, in Jesus Name Amen.

    8. Linda Barton

      Pray for Andre who is in prison and has mental illness. Praying for deliverance and total healing. That he find Christian brother in prison and go on a weekend. In Jesus name.

    9. Abbie

      Lord I pray for this person Lord that u would help the prison guards open their eyes and the courts so they make the right decision. In JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEM.

    10. Cleta Sharp

      I will pray your son returns to his family and will become the man that leads his family and friends into HIS family. God bless all in Jesus’ name.

    11. Ronald

      Dear Mary, as we speak, I lift up Ontarious to the GOD who is able. I know the pain of incarceration, due to my own experience. GOD is able and willing to bring your son home. I touch and agree with you right now in the name of JESUS. Your will be granted parole. Amen and Amen.

  2. Kenneth Wilson

    Pray for Our Country the United States of America to humble ourselves and turn to god. Pray for our Grandmother Lenora’s families and friends for strength and comfort in their time of need. Pray for Israel and the Jewish people Pray for the family of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
    For strength and comfort. . Pray for peace and comfort during this difficult time. Pray for my family and for those who are sick for healing. Pray for my mother and my father and their health, deliverance from alcohol addiction and needs. Pray for my older sister and her husband, pray for her two daughters and three sons. Pray for my nephew who is having suicidal thoughts for peace in his life. Pray for my little sister and her friend. Prayer for my brother for deliverance from any addiction and salvation, and pray for his girlfriend and his two baby sons for hedge of protection. . Pray for my relationship with my next door neighbor for our relationship to grow stronger and better than it has ever been. Help us draw closer together than ever before. Pray that we won’t break apart for our love to be better than ever and her behavior and choices. Also pray for a miracle for our relationship and our love to be more intimate. Pray for how my neighbor has treated me and how to love me more than before. Pray that nothing and no one will tear us apart. Pray for pulling down the strongholds and soul ties in her life. Stop all the wrongful and hurtful things that have been destroying our relationship. Set my neighbor free from the world of the enemy, from bad company and influences, from soul ties, and the things of the world. Pray that my neighbor won’t leave me and to bring us together each day. Pray for restoration of what we had together and to bring our hearts together. Pray for my neighbor and her whole family for deliverance from any wickedness and rebellion, salvation also draws closer together to do things the godly way. Pray for my neighbor’s brother, cousins, and others. Pray for the children and teenagers at the school and in community that come from a dysfunctional for deliverance from wickedness and rebellion. Pray for salvation family members for deliverance for addiction and to turn their life around. Pray for Myself. Bless all the loving couples.

  3. Cassie

    Please pray for my son, that God will protect, redeem, and bless him.

    1. Frank Watson

      Yahweh, I pray for Cassie’s son father. You know actually what he needs to make him free. Your about bringing dead things back to life father I pray that you wrap your wings around him an there hole family. Father I pray for ministering spirits to help him in this time. I bind the enemy up an cast him is far is from the east to the west. I rebuke any negative situation in an around the family. Father show sovereign love in abundance. I pray in Jesus Christ name Amen.

    2. Candace

      God did all that for my son, so I now pray for you and your son for protection and blessings

  4. Jim Gilbert

    Requesting prayer for Chris (for my brother’s son-n-law) and his son Jacob (12) who were involved in a drive-by shooting. Chris was hit by a bullet fragment,
    Jacob was not hit.

  5. C

    Please pray for chanel that he finds favor with the correctional officers and that he is protected and guided by the Holy Spirit. I pray he doesnt lose hope and is granted his appeal in the name of Jesus

  6. Georgianna Hawkins

    Hello, my prayer request is for my niece Tonya who is incarcerated at Jessup Women’s Correctional Facility. Please pray that she will be released soon so that she may join her family and advocating for lifers such as herself.
    Thanking you all in advance & I pray for all the women who are incarcerated away from their families due to life’s unbearable circumstances.

  7. Henry John

    Praise the lord brother and sister my name is Henry I have one prayer request that me and wife and I open the hotel on a lease in Jaipur, also please pray that it will run successfully

  8. Lee Jones

    Please pray for our Pastor and many of the men in our church who are going into a prison Today thru the weekend and pray for the men inside those prison walls. Praying for God’s love and mercy be shown thru every man who enters the prison. Pray for tender open hearts ready to hear the Lord’s plan of salvation and accept Christ as their Savior. May those already saved, rededicate their lives. Pray for the safety and health of every man inside. Thank you!!!!

  9. Bernice Gonzales

    I want to ask for prayer over Alex Lebron who is in jail at the moment. I believe he is going to be used by God in a mighty way. I see him as the leader in a church i pray that he will fulfill his destiny in Jesus name Amen

    1. Sheila Thibodeaux

      Please pray for my son he is incarcerated been set up needs lots of prayers and a miracle. The guy that set my son up took his life over 7 months ago and we are in need of a financial miracle. We have been struggling and are so stressed out and worried. Thanks and God bless.

  10. ALBERT

    I thank God for the miracles He has done for me so far and for His Mercy and Grace. Please pray with for me to overcome the current challenges at work and get a breakthrough, promotion and pay raise. Join me to declare that Jehovah God’s favour is upon me and everything against me at work and everywhere else is defeated in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen!

  11. rentsamo

    Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. My wife and i are living seperately for 5 years. I have tried to bring her back in my life but she is not willing to come back, Im scarred and worried and i don’t know what to do. We don’t communicate at all, I love her so much. Please pray for my wife so that Jesus can touch her heart. I am so broken and need help. Thank you

  12. Erica

    Can we pray for samuel in ohio prison he needs a prayer and wants god in his life he needs forgiveness, hes active in the prison has no visitors and would like prayer or mail thank so much.

    1. Londyn inge

      Father God , I come so humbly before your throne of grace. I praise you as I know and believe you are active and working through this ministry. I just want to pray your saving grace and hand over Samuel. Lord would you be the deliverer in his life and I just pray he would have a receptive and soft heart for the truth of the gospel and what Jesus has done for him. Would he know that even if he was the only sinner in the world , Jesus would’ve died even if it was just for him. I speak the name of Jesus over him. Thank you Lord. I love you. it’s in Christs name – amen

  13. Saneel Yousaf

    Greetings I am sending prayer requests for my family members who are suffering from sickness. My mom Shamshad she is fighting with stomach disease from last 3 years. She is very depressed because of symptoms of disease. My younger daughter Patricia she is fighting with stomach & cough sickness from last 6 months. She has twist in her right leg. She is 1& half years old. My elder daughter Aran is suffering from flu and cough. My sister’s son Ryan is also sick.Do pray for their complete healing.

  14. JC

    Please pray for my son. He is a kind, generous man, who made some wrong decisions. Please God show him the way, and keep him in peace while he is incarcerated. He is serving 7 1/2 years for non sense burglaries, due to a drug addiction. Although he is alive, I am so very worried about his depression. God Bless all and keep you all safe. Your families Love you.

    1. Terri

      I’m the mother of a son that was in jail.
      I can definitely identify with your sorrow.
      My so has severe mental illness. It’s difficult alone to be incarcerated. I will pray for you and your son JC. I will be volunteering at the crestview woman’s prison to give hope fellowship faith and love. Please let your son know we are praying for y’all. I pray he finds peace with God, and the Angels surround him with the light of God’s Love. Sincerely, Terri

    2. Cassie

      Praying for your son. Praying that God will give him physical and mental health and peace and strengthen him in a good recovery. Praying that you and your son feel God’s loving presence with you as you walk THROUGH the valley. God is good, and I know He loves your son.

    3. Candace Paulsen

      Prayer for the Pastor and for all who hear his words

  15. Marcus

    Prayers For my wife’s Mindy heart to be on fire for Jesus Christ again and His will for her life. That Abba Father who says He hates divorce bring complete healing and restoration in this resurrection seasons in Jesus mighty name. As in this month of April 2019 and cancellation of court proceeding immediately before May 7th 2019. Remove every hindrance and stand against the work of the enemy of my life and marriage. All external and internal anti-marriage forces. Open doors of opportunity for finiancal advancement for the kingdom of God. All for the glory of king Jesus. Pleading the blood of Jesus over wife Mindy.

  16. Ron

    Reverend Elbert Ward of Alabama is in dire need of a miracle. He has been placed in Hospice care with congested heart failure. The doctors have claimed there’s nothing more they can do but the doctors are not God!

    Reverend Ward served as a minister for most of his life and has touched countless lives over the years. He’s loved by many due to selflessly dedicating his life to helping others. Now he needs our help and prayers.

    Please add him to your prayer list and pray for his healing and a complete miracle. He is our hero and rock and the world can’t afford to lose someone like him. I understand you don’t know him, and he lives miles away, but if you met him, you would instantly love and adore him as so many others do. I can promise you that! He’s an inspirational figure and a valuable asset to this world!

    Please help him by praying for complete healing and spreading the word. Thanks and God bless!

  17. Princely

    Requesting/Begging God to Restore the broken relationship and love between me and my GF:
    1. Her father has denied this marriage
    2. Misunderstanding created in her mind relating to my past relationship
    3. Blocked me from all communication
    4. Restored the relationship and love within us

  18. Linda Hughes

    Please pray for my only child Robert who is serving time in (Arizona). He is struggling with many forms of addiction, his sobriety and mental health issues, depression and anxiety. Please pray that he be protected and strengthened in every situation and that he continue to open his heart to God, repent of his sins, build his relationships with this children, work his recovery steps, succeed in his GED classes and believe and find purpose in himself. Please also pray for me, his Mom, to stop enabling, to let go and trust God. Thank you and blessings to each of you. AMEN.

  19. Ron Stack

    I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide me when I write to prisoners as part of my Penpal Ministry. I also pray for the end to abortion, euthanasia and infanticide in America and the world!

  20. Corey Gates

    I just got out of prison on March 12, 2019. I went through Kairos at Altrey State Prison in November of 2009. I ask you to keep me in prayer.

    1. Bobby

      For you Corey,
      Father God I give you praise and thanks for what you have done in Corey’s life. Thank you for the new creation he is in Christ. I pray you encourage and strengthen him through the Holy Spirit that dwells in him. I pray you open doors for him to get connected to a church body. Put godly people in his path each day. I pray this in Jesus name, Amen

      Those who know your name, trust in you; for you Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.
      Psalm 9:10

    2. Beverly

      Keeping you in prayer. Stay the course and remain on the high and righteous path. God bless you.

  21. sherry glore { mom}

    i dont know if i can post this here if not please delete.. I have a son that recieved so many blessings and strength from your ministry. He was in the WV prison and came to be in gods grace thru chaplain wolfe. Since his release he has been what seems like possessed . i know for a fact he needs to hear from this chaplain for some peace. please pray for michael and our family.

  22. Dan Hardin

    I request prayers for a friend of mine, Maikel C. who is a kind and loving person who has made some unfortunate decisions. He is a friend who might be the son I never had. He was out on parole here in the Miami area, but violated it. On May 5 it will be a year soon.

  23. Tracy Collins

    Please pray for my husband Garry, He will be attending kiaros inside at Bledsoe county correctional complex this weekend. I had the pleasure of attending a Kiaros retreat it’s was a life changing experience for me I never felt so much love and made life long friendships. My husband loves the lord so much and I can’t wait for him to experience spending this awesome weekend. Thank you so much for everything you do, praise the lord for all of you that make this possible.

    1. Candace Paulsen

      My heart goes out to you. I attended a Kairos weekend when my son was incarcerated, and like you, it changed my life and lifted me out of the depression. I will pray for your husband and you to have the life you deserve with joy and prosperity.

  24. Tom Hawkins

    Please pray for one of my co-workers grandfathers. He was diagnosed with cancer today. His name is Russell.
    We know that with God all things are possible.

  25. kim

    I pray that my husband Sean submits to God and gives up alcohol and opens himself to all of God’s healing, forgiveness and love, and does not leave me.

    1. Tony Haan

      Lord please put your hands on Sean’s heart to put down the alcohol and to find the love that you have for him. Please Lord lift up Kim to work for you to help show Sean the way back to you, Lord. Kim loves him so much and wants only the best for Sean, she want to take a friend to Haven with her. Lord we pray all this in your name. Amen God Bless You Kim

  26. Angela Hughes

    Please pray for my entire family to receive salvation in Jesus Christ to humble themselves before the Lord and repent and forgive each other. Pray that the attack on my family ends and the generational curses would be removed. Pray that my brother in law Doug would have courage and wisdom to be the leader and protector in his marriage. Pray that the drug addition and alcohol abuse would end. Please pray the enemy would be defeated and salvation, righteousness and holiness would be restored to our family. Also pray for me and my husband we are weary of it all pray all that has been stolen from us be restored tenfold We ask it all in Jesus Name Amen

  27. Vicki Buchanan

    Please pray for the ministry in Australia.
    Two points:
    The board is about to form a ministry growth group to develop into new prisons in New South Wales. There are already 5 urgent needs as the prisons request our presence.
    Kairos Outside has just run AKT’s in North Queensland Brisbane and Sydney. New AKT trainers were also trained. Please pray for these new trainers and for the furtherance of the Outside work in Australia.

  28. Scared Mom

    Please pray for God to keep a hedge of protection on my loved one at Sierra Conservation Center. There is increasing gang violence and threats of riots due to the merging of Sensitive Needs inmates with the General inmates.

    1. Paulette

      I will pray for your son, please pray for my grandson he just went to prison in wv, he is from Illinois, he is being intimidated by the gangs in a federal prison, he is far away from family. I am scared too, for my grandson, i know how you feel in this situation, i can relate to this too. God protect this woman’s son and my grandson from any harm in prison, lord give us peace take care of our loved ones, in JESUS name amen. Thank you lord

  29. ethel

    please pray for Jacob my son struggling with drug addiction is in prison till April. also my daughter Brandi is struggling with addiction bad. I have her 2 children. also pray for my husband james, he left us. we are struggling financially. I am so glad there are people that volunteer and care. thank you so much.

  30. D Yauck

    My son has been in jail since July 2018 on 2 charges of alleged sexual abuse of a child,his daughter. He has a court appointed lawyer that had only seen him three times & believes he’s guilty. Please pray for God to reveal the truth
    Her mother is very vindictive & I believe my granddaughter has been abused but not by my son.

    1. Candace Paulsen

      I can’t believe I just read this….it is also my story, our life. Please email me so we can chat….I believe I can help you get through this, it’s so hard. My son is out now, but life isn’t easy with those charges always hanging around.

  31. Brian T Smith

    Kairos 26 at Branchville Correctional Facility will begin Formations in two weeks. Please pray for the team and offenders.

  32. Russ Berkoben

    Asking for prayers for the men of Pender County Correctional in Burgaw NC, as the spring weekend has been cancelled due to lack of Prison Programs Staff. Our team remains committed to bringing the Love of Jesus Christ into the prison and ask that this situation be resolved before the Fall weekend.

  33. Mike Giannamore

    Prayers that my Leukemia continue in remission with the oral medication.

    1. Evangelist Leela Davis

      In Jesus name I pray that Mike is healed by Your stripes Jesus. For this I Plead Your blood. Amen

  34. Mike

    Prayers for a quick recovery and healing for total right knee replacement surgery on March 4th.

    1. Liz Suess

      I’m praying for you Mike.
      In Christ,

    2. Mike Giannamore

      Delayed because of Anterior heart blockage🙏

  35. Mary Fitz

    Please pray for Michael G. who just reentered prison after being out for almost a year. He struggles with drug addiction and violated his parole. He is very depressed and is struggling. We pray that he will attend a Kairos weekend and find Jesus in his life. Amen.

    1. ethel

      praying for Michael God bless breaking the chains of addiction in Jesus name surrendering him to Gods perfect will

    2. Liz Suess

      I’m praying for Michael.
      In Christ,

  36. Chelsea Smith

    I would love some prayers for my fiancé to have a good news at his hearing on the 13th of February, we are scared, but please give us the strength to get through anything and everything that happens to try and come between us.

    1. Liz Suess

      I’m praying for you Chelsea.
      In Christ,

  37. John Miller

    I need prayers for one of the prisons I team at in Maryland. Our October weekend was cancelled due to a shortage of Officers and our Spring one is looking doubtful.

    1. Liz Suess

      I’m praying that the Lord will allow the kairos ministry team to be able to have the chance to go to the prison in MD.

      In Christ

  38. Lillian W. Robinson

    I ask for personal prayer regarding my health. It’s to the point that I may have to discontinue serving here in Georgia.

  39. Richard Swiger

    Brothers and sisters, please take a few seconds to say a prayer for our Kairos brother, Phil W. of Kairos GCI Ohio. Phil’s father Ron passed away yesterday and is home with Jesus. Ron was Kairos NY having served some 17 weekends. Let’s be in prayer and remember our own when they have given so much to others. Feel free to post a few words of support below which will be shared with the family. Thanks!!!

  40. Carol

    Please pray for a loyal Kairos servant, Juanita, who was in car accident and hospitalized. She is our secretary for state of Oregon.

    1. Liz Suess

      I’m praying for Juanita.
      In Christ

  41. Tom Hawkins

    My brother in law just contacted us about a 17 year old boy at their church who was hit by a car. He has swelling on the brain and is on life support as the doctors try and get the swelling to go down. His name is Heath. Please lift him and his family up in prayer.
    Father God, we ask for a miracle concerning Heath. We pray that you will heal him Lord so that he may share your testimony in his life do that others may get to know what a wonderful loving God you truly are. May you be glorified in this situation. We pray that you give Heaths family comfort in their time of need.
    We pray this I. The name of Jesus. Amen

    1. Liz Suess

      I’m praying for Health and his family.
      In Christ,

  42. Keven Patricia Nelson

    Please pray that I will be able to live up to the high standards of Kairos. I am starting my training for the Torch program next Saturday. My former profession was working with adolescents who were one step away from jail. I thank God for this opportunity to help once more. It was the most rewarding work I have ever done.
    Warm blessings,
    Ms. Keven Nelson

    1. Liz Suess

      I’m praying for you and your new position at Torch.

      In Christ,

  43. Nancy Marzillo

    Nancy is asking prayer at the request of Sister Barbara. Her son John Mark needs prayer and his daughter Lynn who has been affected by the situation. Also please pray for sister Barbara’s grandson Josiah. The Lord knows their needs. Thank you, blessings to you.

    1. Liz Suess

      I am praying for Sister Barbara, John Mark, Lynn and Josiah.
      In Christ,

  44. Lisa Reyes

    Please pray for my husband in HOLLIDAY UNIT in Huntsville, TX, he has been sick with a cold and also feeling down since I wasnt able to see him for the Holidays. I also ask for prayer for my health..I had a breakdown on Jan 2 of this year and I am trying my best to get better but I know it will get better in due time…God please hear my prayers and I ask for you to place your healing hands on me, my husband, and my Family as we go thru this storm. I ask this in your name. AMEN

    1. Liz Suess

      I’m praying for your family.

      In Christ,

      Liz 🙏🏼

  45. Dawnna P Taylor

    Pray for my son. He’s in the Wallace Unit in Colorado City,TX. He is very lifted by your group. He has been moving closer and closer to God. I pray for him daily and your prayers for him would be a blessing. I pray God moves in a mighty way!! Thank you showing men and woman that God WILL forgive them of their sins, if they repent and move away from their sinful ways. Many blessing for your group and the Gods work your doing.

  46. Jannine Coulson

    Please pray for the following: Lawmakers, Legislation, Departments of Corrections, Families, Churches or the Church in America, all those impacted by incarceration. Amen.

    1. Liz Suess

      I’m praying for your request.

      In Christ,

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