Ministering From Beyond the Fence

By   October 27, 2021

It had rained all week, it was raining the morning of, then just hours before, the rain stopped, the sky opened up, and the sun came out to allow the Kairos team at Craggy Prison in North Carolina to hold an outside the fence retreat. With North Carolina correctional facilities still not allowing volunteers to enter, the Craggy team was anxious to find a way to minister to those on the inside. The warden and prison chaplain also recognized the need for Kairos and invited the Kairos team to participate in this way, as the morale of the prison was extremely low and many inmates felt even more isolated and forgotten than usual. The Craggy volunteers jumped at the opportunity and the warden invited all inmates and staff in both the medium and minimum security camps to attend.

Kairos Volunteers speaking to the inmates with the medium security yard in the foreground and the minimum security inmates behind the photographer.

The program included Kairos speakers, praise and worship music, singing, and the reading of letters and agape notes! Each inmate in both the medium and minimum security facilities as well as the prison staff was given a bag of Kairos cookies with a personal agape note of encouragement along that included a scripture quote. To allow the inmates to sing along, the team brought hundreds of song sheets that were passed out and they were even able to broadcast on the prison’s radio system with announcements through the PA system so everyone knew when to tune in! The team held the entire program twice! A group of inmates was brought out to the yard in each facility and the Kairos team held the hour and 45 minute program. Then those inmates were taken inside and a second group was brought out and the program was held again. Some of the Kairos volunteers were lightly sunburned, due to the rain all week and then the sun coming out unexpectedly, but all praise to God, it was surely worth it. The team received multiple letters of thanks from the inmates who appreciated that people outside of the fence still cared about them and were praying.

One of the letters received after the event said “I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed the concert on Saturday. It truly means a lot knowing you are out there praying for us. I am looking forward to the day when we can join together in God’s House and worship our heavenly father.”

Another said, “Thank you so much for thinking of us here at Craggy. It was really great to hear your Godly music and testimony while we were on the yard. It makes me feel good to know where are people who care enough to serve on their day off at a prison trying to spread the love of Jesus Christ. I look forward to the next one and for when you all are able to come into the prison and have service. We miss you and miss the worship and fellowship services. It was great that you were able to do what you did. Prayer is powerful! Thank God for Kairos and for the Christian communities and for the chaplain and volunteers who give their time.”

5 Comments on “Ministering From Beyond the Fence

  1. Kelley Leflee

    Thank you so much for doing this and sharing this post! My son-in-law is there, he loves Jesus, so much of the minimal things they had have been taken away. He longs for regular corporate worship and for Christian music. Kairos helped change his life. I am so grateful!🙏🏻

  2. Sheri Dennis

    Praise the Lord for the volunteers at Craggy! I pray others will follow and look into holding similar events. God is so good and what a blessing when His people respond to His calling!♥️🙏😃

  3. David Coe

    If you would like more information or details on how Our Lord inspired this event and how it was pulled together, Please contact KPMI/Craggy Ad. Council, ask or Dave Coe.
    God Bless you in all you are doing for “The Least of These”


    Good article! I’m wondering if something like that could be done in Atlanta Georgia. I’ll keep this in mind and inquire. First we have to get the “YOUs” on board. Go Kairos volunteers at Craggy!

  5. Tim Byrne VP of Advisory council Kairos Boise Idaho

    WOW I never imagined that this could be worked out, allot would depend on the climate and of course the state to state differences in regulations concerning current covid-19 protection ,of course in our particular facility ISCI the shortage of staff makes it impossible to get anything done….even contacting the RAC is at this time very difficult and you probably know there are no back ground checks being done and no volunteer applications even accepted. The only answer I can see is PRAYER against the obvious domination of the principalities and forces of darkness, in a very big way. Lets put all those groups within the Agape chains to work PRAYING SERIOUSLY towards these ends …..RIGHT NOW AND FOREVERMORE IN THE NAME OF JESUS1

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