Fence Reunions – An Example of Creativity to Meet With Our Graduates

By   October 19, 2020
A sign used by the volunteers that has a Kairos blue fish logo and the text "See You at the Fence Reunion" at the top and "G.K. Fountain Correctional Facility Atmore, AL" at the bottom

During this unique time, it often takes unique solutions to keep ministering to those behind bars. The Kairos team at Fountain Correctional Facility in Alabama found a way to continue providing Continuing Ministry to Kairos Graduates in the form of a Fence Reunion. A group of 12 Kairos Volunteers visited the prison and set-up right outside the prison fence with the Kairos Graduates and the prison chaplain just on the other side. The Kairos team gave a talk, sang songs, and offered each volunteer and Graduate the opportunity to share. This incredible gathering offered the group encouragement and the knowledge that Kairos still cares about them and that they haven’t been forgotten.

A photo of a handful of the volunteers at the prison fence, all with masks and some are in front of microphones and a couple holding but not playing guitars.

The Fountain team held the one hour Fence Reunion at two locations, one at the main prison with 12 inmates and the other at the Annex with 15 inmates. All proper safety steps of social distancing and masks were used, and the team is planning on holding a Fence Reunion every other week. Kairos of Alabama is working on expanding this to other prisons around the state.

Kairos is blessed to have such dedicated Volunteers such as these, creating new ways to continue the ministry. It really shows that there is always work that we can be doing for Kairos, even when we can’t hold Kairos Inside Weekends or conduct our regular Continuing Ministry programs. There are so many opportunities for us to continue serving those impacted by incarceration, through prayer, training, creating agape, recruiting new volunteers, planning creative ways to engage with those we serve, and much more.

2 Comments on “Fence Reunions – An Example of Creativity to Meet With Our Graduates

  1. Fr. Jerry Connors, Retired Chaplain

    The fact that the Warden and Chaplain were willing to allow such an event to take place is a great tribute to the kind of trust and respect shared by all parties concerned! The willingness of KAIROS Volunteers to make themseives available in the Power of God’s Spirit is an endearing Testimony of Love. And, the apparent cooperation of Custody Staff to support such an effort is nothing short of miraculous. God be Praised!

  2. Melissa Jones

    Hello, I’m new to the Kairos prison ministry. My son called this morning and told me that Kairos visited Fountain Correctional Facility in Atmore Al. yesterday and I am so happy that you are doing God work to those incarcerated, my son David. Thank you so much, A grateful mother

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