Kairos Inside to Hold #1 Weekend at Florida’s Columbia Main Unit Correctional Institution

By   March 17, 2022

Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc. (“Kairos”), a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, announces the start of a Kairos Inside program at Columbia Main Unit Correctional Institution located in Lake City Florida, beginning Thursday, March 24th. The 3 ½ day Weekend event will be the first Kairos Inside Weekend at this facility and is another step forward in helping inmates transform their lives.

Kairos Inside is a ministry program whose mission is to develop a Christian community inside the prison. The program results in an improved prison living environment, reduced recidivism after leaving prison, safer communities, and healed families based on personal transformations. Recent studies have shown that recidivism rates can be reduced by up to 50%. 

Up to 42 inmates participate in the 3 ½ day Weekend program, which includes a series of talks, discussions, prayer, and chapel meditations with the aim of creating or continuing a desire for spiritual growth. The Weekend will then be followed up with Continuing Ministry of monthly Reunions and weekly Prayer and Share groups, which provides an authentic and vital Christian community for accountability and encouragement. 

Kairos is in need of volunteers for future Weekends. Opportunities include making cookies, creating artwork, prayer, team support, financial support, and participating in a team. For more, please visit www.kairosprisonministry.org/volunteer.

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  1. Jailaid

    A Christian ministry program is really needed for inmates nowadays and not just them, but for all humanity. Thanks for sharing.

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