Christ Is Counting On You

By   December 13, 2018

Testimony from a Women’s Kairos Inside Weekend in South Africa. I hope it will encourage us all, and remind us of the power of this ministry, and God’s great love for each of us

Christ Is Counting On You

We had a Weekend of wonders and experiencing the Lord’s love as is only possible on a Kairos Inside Weekend.

The participants were 30 long-term prisoners, with ages ranging between 23 to 60 years old. On Thursday and Friday, the main issues were deep dark depression and a spirit of hopelessness. Many had attempted suicide whilst in prison. They had given up on life itself and improving themselves by studying or participating in the multitude of programs offered by the Correctional services.woman-in-Jail

As the Weekend progressed the lifeless eyes started to live again, and closed, defensive faces opened up. By Friday afternoon there was lively participation in family discussions and Saturday after the forgiveness ceremony, the Lord’s miracle working love had changed hopelessness to hope and joy. Sunday was powerful and their reply to “Christ is counting on you” was heartfelt and intentional.

One of the Participants did not attend on the Thursday since she swallowed an overdose of medication on the Wednesday evening and was rushed to the hospital to have the contents of her stomach pumped out. However, she did arrive on Friday, depressed, distrusting and with a closed face. She neither participated nor looked at the speakers.

She enjoyed the good food and started opening up towards the end of Friday. On Saturday we heard that she has been in prison now for 3 years and has not had a single visitor during this time, she also said that she has no family (because they have deserted her). Saturday during the Agape session, she received a note that she had a visitor! She was amazed at her school friend’s name on the note. She got word to him that she was busy with a Kairos Weekend, and would love to see him the next Saturday. She was overjoyed by his note that he and some of her other school friends have not deserted her, but were searching for her not knowing in which prison she is. She was joyfully proclaiming, “Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!”

The Sunday morning, she arrived with more joy, telling us that her 16-year old daughter called her the previous evening (also a first in 3 years) and told her that she loved her! Her response to “Christ is counting on you” was a joyous, “Oh boy, am I counting on Him” with a wide smile and sparkling eyes. She also gave her testimony during the closing ceremony. I am praying that her newfound joy in the Lord will be her strength and am looking forward to hearing her testimony during our instructional Reunion on November 10th.

We surely are blessed by the Lord to be witnesses of His love and healing!


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