Can You Live Longer By Volunteering?

By   March 4, 2016


Thinking of volunteering for Kairos? We would LOVE to have you join the 30,000 volunteers who are already passionate about our mission!

You may even enjoy a longer life, according to this article from Forbes:

3 Reasons Why Volunteering In Retirement Is Good For Your Health

What do I get out of volunteering? My heart is filled with indescribable joy to connect with tough yet vulnerable brothers and see God transform hearts and lives before my very eyes. Amazing. I leave church for a weekend and experience heaven on earth in prison.

Kairos Prison Ministry volunteers come from all walks and strata of life. They all share a desire to follow Christ’s admonition of Matthew 25:36, “I was in prison and you visited me.”

Learn about the many opportunities for you to get involved in Kairos Prison Ministry.

All we ask is that you have a willing heart and a spirit of obedience. You can play a crucial role in God’s ministry of Changing Hearts, Transforming Lives and Impacting the World.

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