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Please use this page to post prayer requests for publication. We ask that all comments be considerate and within the parameters of Kairos vision, mission, and values. Any comment may be removed or edited by the website administrator.

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  1. Mistea Donaldson

    I ask that you all pray for my son. He has been locked up 3 years and he is only 20 yrs old. He has been transferred and placed in lockdown. I cannot get anyone to tell me why. Prayer for his safety and protectection. May the Lord give him peace and comfort. May He work in is heart in a mighty way. May God allow my son to see himselve has He created him to be. God help my son to know you..Teach my son who he is with you Lord.

  2. cathy rose

    Christopher , My son is in prison in North Carolina and is battling with depression. He has a 14 year sentence BC of something he did not do. Sexual Assault, and we are praying the girl will come forward and finally tell the truth. It is so hard having a loved one in prison and not able to do anything about it. I hurt for him so much. Please help me to pray for him, adn be a lot stronger. I get so weak. Kairos is in his prison and he loves it and they just had a weekend celebration. Thank you and please help me to pray for him.

  3. Shun

    Heavenly Father I know I have wronged you and hurt you but Father God I need you. Lord I ask for your forgiveness and for you to continue to bless me and have mercy on my soul. Lord I want to pray for my family and that my family get back on track and remove any hurt or pain that is causing my family your children to depart from one another. Lord I want to pray for my kids that you continue to cover them and bless them and keep them on the right track. Lord they are wonderful angels and whatever is blocking them from getting close to you. I pray you remove it now. Lord I pray for my husband and his salvation. Lord I pray you remove the darkness that surround him so he can be free and see the light and become a wonderful husband and father to me and our kids. Lord I pray you put love on his heart for his marriage. Lord I pray that you put forgiveness on his heart for his wife and return home and be a family like he suppose to. Lord I pray you remove those demons that is stopping him from being more like you. Touch his flesh and his spirit Father. Lord I pray you touch it now. Stir up his flesh Father and deliver it from Satan. Material things shouldn’t stop you from being a husband a father or a son of God. Lord touch him now. Lord touch him now. Lord touch him now. Remove him please Father before it’s to late. Lord Jesus stop this divorce before it’s to late please Father God please. Lord please I am on my knees. I cry out to you. Lord I beg you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  4. Gennia Varnado State Chair Kairos MS

    MS Kairos Inside Women CMCF Volunteer Alice Jackson is having surgery today. Please pray for a successful procedure and recovery. Thank You

    MS Kairos Inside Women CMCF AC Chair, sudden death in the family. Please pray for comfort. Thank You

  5. Patty Hord

    I only have two sons and they are both in prison in SC. My youngest son told me about this program. Please pray for both of my boys as well praying for me. The past four years without my boys have been the worst year’s of my life

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