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Please use this page to post prayer requests for publication. We ask that all comments be considerate and within the parameters of Kairos vision, mission, and values. Any comment may be removed or edited by the website administrator.

11 Comments on “Prayer Requests

  1. Lillian W. Robinson

    I ask for personal prayer regarding my health. It’s to the point that I may have to discontinue serving as AKT Coordinator here in Georgia.

  2. Richard Swiger

    Brothers and sisters, please take a few seconds to say a prayer for our Kairos brother, Phil Williams of Kairos GCI Ohio. Phil’s Father Ron passed away yesterday and is home with Jesus. Ron was Kairos NY having served some 17 weekends. Let’s be in prayer and remember our own when they have given so much to others. Feel free to post a few words of support below which will be shared with the family. Thanks!!!

  3. Ron Stack

    I am a Kairos volunteer. I would ask for prayers to all the inmates I have written in the past and to all inmates that I will write in the future.

  4. Carol

    Please pray for a loyal Kairos servant, Juanita, who was in car accident and hospitalized. She is our secretary for state of Oregon.

  5. Tom Hawkins

    My brother in law just contacted us about a 17 year old boy at their church who was hit by a car. He has swelling on the brain and is on life support as the doctors try and get the swelling to go down. His name is Heath. Please lift him and his family up in prayer.
    Father God, we ask for a miracle concerning Heath. We pray that you will heal him Lord so that he may share your testimony in his life do that others may get to know what a wonderful loving God you truly are. May you be glorified in this situation. We pray that you give Heaths family comfort in their time of need.
    We pray this I. The name of Jesus. Amen

  6. Keven Patricia Nelson

    Please pray that I will be able to live up to the high standards of Kairos. I am starting my training for the Torch program next Saturday. My former profession was working with adolescents who were one step away from jail. I thank God for this opportunity to help once more. It was the most rewarding work I have ever done.
    Warm blessings,
    Ms. Keven Nelson

  7. Nancy Marzillo

    Nancy is asking prayer at the request of Sister Barbara. Her son John Mark needs prayer and his daughter Lynn who has been affected by the situation. Also please pray for sister Barbara’s grandson Josiah. The Lord knows their needs. Thank you, blessings to you.

  8. Lisa Reyes

    Please pray for my husband in HOLLIDAY UNIT in Huntsville, TX, he has been sick with a cold and also feeling down since I wasnt able to see him for the Holidays. I also ask for prayer for my health..I had a breakdown on Jan 2 of this year and I am trying my best to get better but I know it will get better in due time…God please hear my prayers and I ask for you to place your healing hands on me, my husband, and my Family as we go thru this storm. I ask this in your name. AMEN

  9. Dawnna P Taylor

    Pray for my son. He’s in the Wallace Unit in Colorado City,TX. He is very lifted by your group. He has been moving closer and closer to God. I pray for him daily and your prayers for him would be a blessing. I pray God moves in a mighty way!! Thank you showing men and woman that God WILL forgive them of their sins, if they repent and move away from their sinful ways. Many blessing for your group and the Gods work your doing.

  10. Jannine Coulson

    Please pray for the following: Lawmakers, Legislation, Departments of Corrections, Families, Churches or the Church in America, all those impacted by incarceration. Amen.

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